Additive 3d-printing


We are your professional partner for the production and refinement of functional components by using powder-based 3D printing. With the Multi Jet Fusion technology we are processing a fine powder that is capable of producing extremely thin layers of 80 micrometres. Complex components can be built with high density and low porosity. Furthermore, an exceptionally even surface texture is achieved that requires very little finishing. These technical conditions allow a rapid and cost-effective fabrication of ready to use components in small series.


Production of complex functional components in small batches
Fabrication of prototypes i.a. for functional testing, rapid prototyping
Prototypes with mechanical properties


alternative to injection-moulded parts
Fast, cost-effective, economical
Short lead times, low porosity and excellent surface quality
Individually adjustable to your specific needs and requirements
Applicable in multiple industries (mechanical engineering, plastics industry, spare parts supply, design field, consumer goods, etc.)

We consult you about the optimal design and usage of your required building components, that can be produced with this technology

Building unit measurements:
maximum building component size: 380 x 284 x 380 mm
Precision: ± 0,3 %
Production time: 7 to 10 weekdays
Quality: very high
Colors: Grey and black

3D Print Austria


We are giving your ideas a real shape and structure. With the MJF method we are achieving shorter lead time, low porosity and exceptional surface quality – the ideal technology for the production of functional small series and high-grade prototypes.


We, Philipp Lerchbaumer and Nils Gödde are the co-founder and co- CEOs of 3D Print Austria, an innovative company located in Kaprun. Our diverse work experience as well as our passion for innovative technologies, especially in the field of 3D printing, inspired us to found a company that provides optimal and individual solutions for a broad spectrum of clients and industries. Especially after the global events since 2020 and their impact on raw materials, goods and supply chains we believe that 3D Print Austria will facilitate many processes by enabling a local production of essential components.


High quality, personal service and solution-oriented approaches are our highest priority. For that we created an own quality assessment and monitoring system for 3D printing, including a thorough post-processing management of components. We are exclusively working with global partners to fulfil highest quality standards. With us you profit from short and efficient decision paths that are collectively made with the executive board.

Our mission in 3 main points

1. Reinforcing independence from global logistics and shortening supply chains by enabling local production
2. Establishing the highest quality standards by reason of high-end material and yearlong experience in plastics processing
3. Fulfilling our customers’ individual needs through personal, competent and solution-oriented consultancy and service

We are ready


Nils Gödde: Founder and CSO (Chief Sales Officer)
Sales & Consulting

Philipp Lerchbaumer: Founder and CFO (Chief Finance Officer)
Administration & Finance

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Nils Gödde

Consultation and sales
cell: +43 664 518 04 40

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Philipp Lerchbaumer

Production and administration
cell: +43 664 518 04 63


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